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Known for her unique eye for decorating, and her innate ability to quickly transform interior spaces into ambient luxury living environments, Nathalie Jager is a sought-after Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Creator and Decorator in Europe.


Her work is inspired by her own cosmopolitan lifestyle, and the savoir-vivre of the European continent. Nathalie is Dutch-born and constantly travels to and from Europe’s trendiest cities. You can find her most frequently in The Hague, The Netherlands, Milan, Italy, Madrid, Spain, Zurich, Switzerland, and The Balearics, Spain.


Fluent in 6 languages, and highly experienced in the luxury lifestyle sector as the owner Embassy of Commerce, the go-to sales agency in the EU tech-luxury sector, Nathalie has developed an extensive network of insider connections, enabling her to style interiors for a fraction of the cost of designer prices.


Nathalie’s passion for this work is undeniable, and her talent in transforming interiors and sourcing rare collector items is remarkable.


With 15 years of experience in creating luxury ambiances at affordable prices, Nathalie can fly in to your European location and provide a new look and feel for your interior in no time at all.

Nathalie Jager - Studio Nathalie Jager
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